Most excursions involve a walk of varying distance on rough stony ground. Walks can vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour (Village tour). We recommend a tough pair of shoes, trainers and a pair of long pants (trousers). A small torch will also be useful.

It is also recommended that life jackets be worn whenever on a boat or in a kayak.

At Pemba Lodge, the favorite activity is relaxing and doing nothing! However, there are quite a few more for you to enjoy around the lodge and the island; they are designed to get you as close as possible to Shamiani’s natural treasures without disturbing them.

For instance, take one of our kayaks out for a paddle trip around the island and through the mangrove creeks. It’s a fun and low key way to explore your surroundings, as the waters are very calm. A guide will be present to show you the various birds and points of interest.

During low tide, the reef off Shamiani is teeming with life. Our staff will be delighted to accompany you on a reef walk and explain everything you want to know about the marine ecosystem around the island.

There are bush trails criss- crossing the island that will take you up close and personal with the abundant flora and fauna of this undisturbed ecosystem.

Snorkeling equipment is available to use, complimentary, for boat trips to nearby reefs. At the same time you will see the local villagers tending the seaweed farms and the amazing sight of the (low tide) sand bank which resembles a desert scene.

You can also try your hand in both traditional line fishing or deep sea fishing (and have your catch prepared for a delicious barbeque dinner).

Bird Watching, especially in the mornings – keen ornithologists and amateurs alike will enjoy watching the birdlife around the Lodge and the island. Birds that have been sighted by our guests include black and white hornbill, paradise fly catcher, rollers, kwarara, red-eyed pigeon, pied kingfisher, sunbird, mnana, common tern, little tern…

Sunrise and Sunset Watching – Spectacular sunrises can be seen from the beach in front of the Lodge, but late risers do not need to miss out! A short walk from Pemba Lodge is Kichanga Kasa beach; the perfect spot to sit and watch the sun set at the end of another lazy day in this tropical paradise. Sunset is best experienced from Turtle bay with a visit to the rescue turtle pond nearby.

Stargazing in the night sky. Our location away from the pollution and lights of the big cities makes the sky at night magically come alive with stars and planets not normally viewed. What better place to stargaze and look at the constellations? Maybe see if you can locate the Southern Cross.

And last but not least, treat yourself to a Swahili massage with natural oils, get a henna tattoo or have your hair braided African style; it all can be arranged with the ladies from the village.